Minneapolis Fed to Host Town Hall on Faster Payment


On October 31, the Federal Reserve will begin a series of Town Hall meetings on faster payments to be held around the country. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis will conduct its Town Hall meeting on November 9. 

While ICBM will certainly be there on behalf of Minnesota community banks, we urge you to come to add your perspective! Community banks need equitable/universal access to real-time payment systems to match increasing customer expectations that all banks offer safe and secure payments to anyone, anywhere, at any time and with immediate funds availability.

The meeting will provide an overview of conceptual approaches presented in the October 3, 2018, Federal Register Notice (which can be found at FedPaymentsImprovement.org). The Minneapolis Fed will also answer questions about the potential actions outlined in the notice, and facilitate a discussion. 

The RSVP deadline for the Minneapolis Fed Town Hall meeting is today. Register now

If you decide to register, ICBA has prepared talking points for you. 

Email Jim Amundson or call 651-687-9080 with questions or comments. 

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