BankWise January 24, 2019

“If you ask me, the only thing ’emergency’ about this acquisition is the giant alarm it should set off about the latest credit union power grab.”

ICBA President & CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey on the “emergency merger” that will allow the third largest credit union in the country to serve any American with a pulse.

ICBM announces ICBA/Travelers insurance program dividend

ICBM Insurance customers will receive tens of thousands in dividends for participation in the ICBA/Travelers insurance program in 2017. 
ICBM Insurance customers join the nearly 1,300 community banks across the country that will receive a combined $4 million in dividends from their participation in the program, theIndependent Community Bankers of America announced earlier this month. This is the 17th consecutive dividend for ICBA members.

Fiserv merges with First Data

Core processing giant Fiserv inked a deal to acquire First Data, a leader in the payment services business. Valued at about $22 billion, the merger will bring together two of the financial services industry’s largest technology and processing companies.
The resulting company will combine credit expertise with merchant services and holds tremendous potential. With some 46,000 employees between them at the time of the merger, it will remain to be seen if the marriage will provide the customer service that community banks need.
Is the merger an opportunity for new entrants? Or, will the pair become a powerful partner for community banks? Here’s the details of the deal. We’ve also pulled together what experts and analysts believe could come from it.
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February 21, 2019

Faces and Places

  • Village Bank welcomes Agata Dittfurth as its new vice president of commercial deposits-market leader in St. Francis and Ramsey.
  • The Bank Holding Company Association named two new board members: Jeffrey L. Weldon, SVP and CFO at Crown Bank and Denise Bunbury, SVP for Bell Bank, Fargo.

Agriculture: Working capital a key to farm finances

We often hear phrases such as “protect your working capital”, “watch your liquidity”, or “cash is king” when referring to short-term financial analysis of a farm business.
A significant decline in working capital in a farm operation can lead to a rapid deterioration of the overall financial outlook for the entire farm and its owners.

Agriculture: Farm bill provided needed stability to farm sector

ICBM joins ICBA in thanking President Trump and Congress for enacting a strong farm bill that provides stability for the volatile farm sector and incorporates important policies, such as price-support, crop insurance, and loan-guarantee programs.

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