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There is no other association magazine like IMPACT. 

View our Spring 2019 issue. 

As ICBM’s magazine, IMPACT reaches some 800 community bank presidents, CEOs, senior executives, board members, and market presidents in the state of Minnesota. 

With a fresh redesign in 2019, we will publish IMPACT quarterly in March, June, September and December. 

So, what makes IMPACT truly unique? We’ve moved away from “preaching to the choir” stories where we find a great story about a community bank and only share it with other community banks. Our IMPACT cover story focuses on impressive and poignant examples of just how committed community banks are to Minnesota communities. 

 Our feature stories bring members three different kinds of value:

Quality Marketing Services as a benefit of membership:

The featured member receives marketing content that would otherwise cost them thousands to create on their own. The stories showcase just how much of an IMPACT they have in their area. 

Marketing IMPACT in their local area:

We pitch their story to press in their city and/or region. Previous featured banks have gotten their story in front of more than 7,000 people in 66 cities and towns in their area. Again, a PR firm would charge the member thousands for just the PR generated by our feature; they get it as a benefit of membership. 

Support for the community banking story: 

Featured members become examples that ICBM shares with lawmakers to educate them about community banks’ hard work, investment, and commitment to Minnesota communities. 

Ready to become an advertiser? 

Because of the value IMPACT provides, our members are watching to see who’s been highlighted in our magazine. 

If print advertising in Minnesota is a part of your marketing strategy, now’s your chance to build awareness for your company in a publication made to capture wider attention. 

View our rates and ad specifications here.

Ad deadlines and magazine mailing dates:

Spring – Ads need to be in Feb. 8. We mail March 1.

Summer – May 10. Mails June 1.

Fall – Aug. 9. Mails September 1.

Winter – Nov. 8. Mails December 1.

Reserve your spot now by contacting Greg McCurry at 651-789-3980 or via email at

BankWise is a no-nonsense, no-fluff service where we follow community banking for our subscribers and keep them up to date on the must-know happenings of each week. (Subscribe on the BankWise page.)

Sent each Thursday to nearly 5,100 bankers in Minnesota, BankWise has a 27.5 percent (average) open rate among our members. (Updated Monthly.)

Bankwise’s open rate is a great indication of the value it brings. The average open rate for email publications in our industry is 23 percent, according to Constant Contact. 

Ready to advertise? 

ICBM associate members can purchase two kinds of advertising space in BankWise: Advertising or sponsored content. The rates are the same for both types. Your advertisement will runs each week during the period you’ve purchased. The number of issues included depends on the months chosen. 

See an example of BankWise ads. All BankWise ads are horizontal 600 px by 100-250 px. We’ve just opened these up for sale, so all time slots are currently available. Ad deadlines will be communicated at the time of purchase. 

See an example of sponsored content.


Monthly: $450 

Quarterly: $1,215 (10% discount)

Full year: $4,320 (20% discount)

BankWise Advertising FAQ: 

I saw ICBM’s ad for its Day at the Capital event which combined an image and text. Can we purchase similar space in BankWise? 

Yes, we do offer this option. See an example. 

However, combined ad and content placements have the following pricing: 

Monthly: $550 

Quarterly: $1,485 (10% discount)

Full year: $5,280 (20% discount)

How often can we change our ad during the program? 

If you identify an error in an ad or content, contact Matt Doffing at 651-789-3988 or email him at We will update the ad in the following issue of BankWise. 

If you are looking to modify your placement, we only allow changes by the month. For example, if you purchased a quarter-long program, we would only update the ad for you two times during that program. 

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