A Cooperative Bank-to-Bank Network

The ICBM Liquidity Network is a cooperative bank-to-bank network established in February 2009 to provide an additional funds management tool for ICBM member banks. ICBM provides a communication link between Network members who have available liquidity with those members who may have emergency, short-term funding needs.

ICBM is responsible for maintaining network member-contact information. Participating banks are not legally bound to provide funding or even respond to requests as part of their participation in the Network. There is no fee assessed by ICBM in conjunction with hosting the Network and all funding terms, pricing, documentation and other conditions are negotiated directly between participating members.

The Network currently consists of 148-member banks and is tested at least twice per year to assure its effectiveness as a source of funding and to validate the availability of funds for Network members.

The most recent test for emergency funding, completed in December 2017, resulted in 63 banks committing nearly $15.6 million in two and a half hours.

The Liquidity Network is open to all ICBM member banks. To become a member, print the Liquidity Network Agreement and fax it to ICBM at 651-687-9387, or contact Jim Amundson for additional information.

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