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What: Simplicity for Your ATM Portfolio

Edge One’s exclusive ATM Manager Program is a comprehensive outsourcing solution for all of your ATM requirements. The concept for the program, which stems from years of experience managing our own ATM portfolio, is simplification through integration of all ATM services utilizing a single provider. Essentially, Edge One assumes responsibility for every facet of owning and operating an ATM, from purchasing the equipment to analyzing the profitability of the terminal. Almost as quickly as you can say the word “outsourcing,” all of the headaches associated with owning and managing your ATM portfolio
will disappear.

How: Integrating Solutions Using The Best Options Available

Edge One supplies ALL ATM services, including equipment purchases, installation, cash management and replenishment, transaction processing, first and second line maintenance, supplies, exception item management, adjustments, compliance- related activities and reporting. Prior to ATM installation, you are responsible for helping to specify the equipment, site preparation, selecting the communications mode and establishing the replenishment schedule. Once the ATM is installed, your only accountabilities are to supply cash and review your easy to understand monthly statement. Edge One works closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the program meets your exact requirements. It’s really that easy!

Why: ATM Manager Is Easier, More Efficient and Trouble Free

The ATM Manager Program provides several key benefits to financial institutions, including…
Quality: From our roots as an ATM hardware reseller, Edge One understands ATMs and offers the highest quality equipment available in today’s market. In addition, we use only OEM parts for all service and repair work, ensuring top performance and continued reliability of our equipment.
Edge One offers expert ATM portfolio management services. Our years of experience, owning, operating and servicing our own ATMs, has taught us the importance of uptime. Our wholly owned service organization, which supplies all armored and first and second line services for the ATM Manager program, is the leading provider in our marketplace. Portfolio profitability is tracked and reported using a custom software program designed specifically for Edge One. From beginning to end, your ATMs are in the hands of specialists with proven track records in virtually every aspect of ATM operations and management.

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