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Aloha! It’s time to soak in the sun, the sand, the surf and grab a fruity drink. Hear the sounds of the ocean waves, the ukuleles, and the palm trees rustling in the breeze. Join the ICBM tiki party for a fun night of socializing and giving back, as we surf the night away at this year’s PAC Auction!

Show off your finest island flare and support Minnesota Community Banks! Come dressed in a tropical-inspired dress with flowers in your hair or bust out a Tommy Bahama shirt!

The auction is Friday, August 2nd from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Attire: Come dressed in a tropical-inspired dress with flowers in your hair or bust out a Tommy Bahama shirt!



Donate a gift and support ICBM's advocacy for you!

We have a great new option for members who want to donate a gift for the auction but don’t have time to pick it out. This year you can choose to donate money and we will handle it all –gift selections, transportation, and getting your name on the recognized in the Silent Auction Gift Registry.

You also can support ICBM’s industry advocacy by: 

  • Contributing funds to ICBM-PAC. 
  • Donate a gift for this year’s auction. 

Please email Patti Coles with your donation at pcoles@icbm.org

State Law Governing PAC Donations:

Donations must be contributed by INDIVIDUALS. 

Corporate contributions or donated items are prohibited. All items donated to, or purchased at the Silent Auction must be by individuals. State law requires the name and address of any person whose PAC contribution is valued in excess of $20. If the contribution is greater than $100, the contributor’s employer’s name must also be reported. ICBM PAC contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to ICBM PAC are voluntary. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal.

* Please check the box on the registration form that you have read and met this criteria.

Questions? Contact Patti Coles at pcoles@icbm.org or 651-789-3987. 

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