Convention Session Descriptions

Tuesday, August 4th - 9:30 - 10:15 am

Something Greater is Always Possible: Presented by Devin Henderson, Peak Performance Expert

What would you do and who you be if you believed anything was possible for you? For many people a once-held vision of unlimited possibility gets small and limited as a result of life’s daily stressors, persistent insecurities, self doubt, isolation and even failure. But what if you could reclaim and even expand your full potential at anytime? And what if your truest potential was bigger, richer and more satisfying than you had previously envisioned? Join seasoned speaker and performer, Devin Henderson for an entertaining, funny, and inspiring experience to break free of your perceived limits and realize your greatness like never before.

You'll learn how to:

  • Rethink the impossible
  • Dream bigger
  • Attain a seemingly impossible goal, without getting in your own way or giving up

Devin Henderson is a multi-talented powerhouse: an author, experienced presenter and seasoned performer, having logged thousands of performances as an award-winning comedian and magician and an in-demand keynote speaker. His unique combination of skills and storytelling and his hilarious and engaging interaction are what make him an audience favorite. His clients have included Pepsi, Sprint, Cerner and hundreds more. His performances have been called, "unreal," "unexpected," and "unforgettable." 

Tuesday, August 4th - 10:45 - 11:30 am  

A Lender’s Playbook to the Paycheck Protection Program: Presented by Brock Thaemlitz, Eide Bailly   

The Paycheck Protection Program continues to evolve, with updated application forms and new governmental guidance released during the last few weeks. There is still a lot of uncertainty around PPP as banks move forward with loan forgiveness. And, during what looks to be a drawn-out period for PPP forgiveness, other challenges may arise beyond the application process.

In this session we will: 

  • Recap where we are at today with the PPP loan program, including the material changes from the PPP Flexibility Act and recent updates
  • Discuss the potential challenges this may present for lenders from a liquidity and regulatory perspective
  • Discuss expectations on the lender for reviewing loan forgiveness applications

Thursday August 6th - 2:15 - 2:55 pm 

Bank Management: Mergers and Acquisitions: Presented by Ed Usalis, BankValue Advisory Services, United Bankers’ Bank

How has COVID-19 impacted bank values? Ed will cover current valuation trends, assess the environment for mergers and acquisitions, and provide insights on managing bank value during this pandemic-affected environment. Attendees will leave the presentation with actionable items for increasing the valuation of their community bank.  


  • Gain an understand of how COVID-19 has affected community bank valuations
  • Be provided insights into the M&A market for Minnesota’s community banks
  • Leave the presentation with actionable items for increasing the valuation of their community bank

Thursday August 6th - 3:05 - 3:40 pm 

Status Update: Collections in the Ag Industry: Presented by Jennifer Lurken & Michael Dove, Gislason & Hunter, LLP

Learn about this year's collection issues from law experts focused on agriculture and agribusiness. This presentation also will look down the road to the fall, and to the 2021 renewal season, providing bankers a picture of what they can expect. 


  • Collection issues in the current ag industry
  • Collection issues for bankers to watch for this fall
  • Potential issues bankers may run into for the 2021 renewal season

Tuesday, August 11th - 10:10 - 10:50 am

Balance Sheet Challenges and Opportunities: Presented by, Jim Reber, President/CEO of ICBA Securities  

Community bankers have struggled to find the right mix of investments as they deal with loan demand and funding matters, not to mention low interest rates and the Federal Reserve’s aggressive quantitative easing. This presentation will discuss the current state of investing and will highlight sectors that appear both overvalued and undervalued. It also will discuss some strategies for efficient funding. 


  • The Fed is going to remain fully involved with expanding its monetary policy footprint
  • Banks are scrambling to remain invested, even as interest rates are at record low yields again
  • There are strategies banks can employ to limit prepayment, premium, and call risks