CEO Network - 1:00 PM

CEO Network - 1:00 PM
Few things can help you more as the CEO of a community bank than learning from the firsthand experience of your peers. Would you like an opportunity to sit down with the CEO of another community bank, how about a room full of them? ICBM’s CEO Network offers you that opportunity and more.

CEOs that join the network are paired with peers – discussion groups are limited to 15 participants and based on asset size and market to ensure topics are relatable and competition is minimal. To ensure you get the highest value out of each forum, the facilitator will encourage participants to submit topics of interest prior to the event.

Presentation: Zero Interest Rate Management, Jim Reber, President/CEO, ICBA Securities 

We’re not (yet) at zero yields for investment securities, but we have set new record lows in 2020. Even though the Fed has ramped up its balance sheet, it appears possible that this rate environment could be around for several years. We will look at the composition of a typical community bank bond portfolio, and will display several new bond structures that are the product of the economic recession. We will also make some suggestions for duration and NIM maintenance.

Highlighted in our recent Bankwise Newsletter is an article by Jim Reber that he will touch on with his presentation. View here.

Peer to Peer Discussion Topics

  • Review PPP forgiveness and any current issues.
  • Digital banking - what does it mean to each bank, what are current initiatives and what is already place?
  • Loan workflow software - what are banks using and what else is out there?
  • What are you seeing as continued challenges with COVID?  What are unknowns at this point and how are you preparing for the future?  Has COVID changed the traditional banking model for you long-term?
  • A discussion of ALLL calculations, expected COVID-related losses, and also CECL implementation.  
  • Enterprise risk management programs. Discuss the topic and learn what other banks are doing.
  • Remote work –How are banks handling this?  Any concerns with culture?  What are long-term thoughts, plans or ideas for remote working?
  • A discussion of various approaches to profit sharing. 
  • PTO – most banks are seeing employees with large carry-over balances.  How are banks handling this?
  • A discussion of current core providers, negotiation of renewals and conversions to new providers.
Pricing: Complimentary for Bank Members only
11/18/2020 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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